Courtesy of Green Pencils Ltd

Paper pencils to the rescue of the environment

Green Pencils Ltd manufactures high-quality eco-friendly pencils and pens from recycled paper, ideal for all sorts of organizations (commercial or not) that want to show and spread environmental awareness.

A Lefrik's backpack. Courtesy of Lefrik.

How to make a backpack with plastic bottles

Have you ever wondered what recycled plastic is used for? The Spanish brand Lefrik is making the most out of bottles that are thrown away: it converts them into cool, practical bags and backpacks. And what is more, it ensures ethical practices in its suppliers, from manufacturing to delivery.

An operating Seabin. Courtesy of Seabin

Catching marine litter with floating bins

The Seabin Project’s devices act close to the coast to catch garbage (plastic pollution, but also oil, fuel, and detergent) before it starts its journey to the open sea. They work 24h a day and each bin is able to collect 1.4ton of plastic waste per year.

Ecosia in Tanzania. Courtesy of Ecosia

Planting trees while searching the web

Every 45 web searches you could plant a tree. And every time you book a hotel you could plant 25. Ecosia allows you to convert your web searches into trees.

Photo by Jonas Weckschmied on Unsplash

Greening deserts with Holistic Management

Can we reduce the loss of fertile land and CO2, and make land more productive at the same time? Savory’s Holistic Management allows to achieve all these goals.

Photo by Vivianne Lemay on Unsplash

It’s a messy job, but AI can help

Can we take advantage of AI to make our future more sustainable? Sadako Technologies, teaming with BHS, proved that it is possible and, besides, profitable.