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5 ways to plant trees for free from your sofa

Planting trees is currently needed more than ever. Trees are our most accessible, natural...

Offsetting your carbon footprint with soap

CleanO2 developed a micro-scale carbon-capture technology that converts CO2 generated by commercial heating systems...

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Where are the organizations that we are featuring on renewaves?

Find out how you can take action

There are many ways to support the organizations we are featuring on renewaves. You can get involved in a crowdfunding campaign or donate money, if these options are available. Some organizations will give you the opportunity to work for/with them, as a volunteer, an employee or an entrepreneur, or they are just selling some products you may choose to buy, or to use for free.

Anyway, the most effortless and quickest ways to support these organizations are just one click away. Follow the companies, research teams or NPOs you like on your favourite social networks, or just share the articles in which we feature them. You can make a tiny (or huge, who knows?) difference right now!

About renewaves

What if we could clean up the ocean? And if there is so much CO2 in the atmosphere, couldn’t it be captured and stocked somewhere? Also, what about streets getting hot in summer, couldn’t all that heat be harvested and transformed into usable energy somehow? The answer to these and more questions you may have asked yourself is: yes, we could.

Many people and organizations are already transforming such ‘coulds’ into reality (sometimes making a good profit out of it). In this website, we want you to know some of them, their projects, and how you can support them. Because if you want to change the way we run our world, but you are not an inventor, a researcher, or a leading decision-maker yourself, you can still make a difference. If you are, keep on reading to get inspired!

Renewaves’ goal is to back clean tech and research, promoting green companies, research and NPOs and, when possible, highlighting opportunities to help them grow. We believe that each project we present can make our planet’s, and so our own, future more enjoyable, so that each one represents a wave of renewal towards more sustainable development. Have a look at the topics we are going to cover below or contact us if you want to know more.

Featured organizations

Savory Institute
Pond Tech
Sadako Technologies
The Ocean Cleanup
Seabin Project
Plastic Entropy
Green Pencils Ltd
Apps Planting Trees
Bubbly Tree

We are writing about


Carbon capture and emission reduction


Clean energy production and storage, energy saving


Biodiversity protection, reversing desertification and sustainable agriculture


Sustainable fashion, electronics and IT


Sustainable transport and infrastructure


Green building and sustainable urban development


Waste cleanup, recycling and reduction


Water saving and decontamination

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